Was There A Hidden Agenda Behind Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Not Releasing Its Patch For WannaCry?

Was There A Hidden Agenda Behind Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Not Releasing Its Patch For WannaCry?

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If reports are to be believed, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) had the patch to prevent spreading WannaCry. However, the company held back a free repair update for machines running on Windows XP software. The software firm was keen to charge a maximum of $1,000 per annum for support and protection against the virus attacks like WannaCry that locks user’s PC for a ransom bitcoin.

However, Microsoft made available the patch free of charge to users of Windows XP. By them, the damage has already been by the hackers, according to a report in cnet.com. Since then, the company is trying its customers see reason in switching over to more secure and newer Windows 10 software. Businesses continue to run their machines with older software though the company indicated long back that it would not extend its support.

The software firm’s spokesperson told CNET that enterprises are not ready upgrade even after ten or 15 years due to different reasons of their own. He pointed out that customer support deal could be treated only as a stopgap measure and not a permanent one.

Microsoft urged enterprises to upgrade and get the full benefits of its most recent version of software instead of opting for a custom support. The views were echoed by experts from the security. They believe that the best course of protection for virus comes from a modern and up-to-date system integrated the most recent defense-in-depth innovations. They termed the old systems lacking the latest protections even if the machines are getting up-to-date protection.

At time of writing this, Microsoft shares are trading up 0.32 percent in pre-market on Friday.


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