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Twitter has been in the news a lot lately. In fact it is one of the most heavily publicized offerings in recent times. This does not make the process of selling any easier however

A former board member of twitter has described in his own words stating “ Twitter is a huge phenomenon more than a company”.

This describes twitter’s predicament more keenly than what some people may realize. The result is a company that has become a staple of the modern lifestyle but itself is unable to generate adequate revenue.

The result is a lot of interested parties who are uncertain about taking up the offer. Twitter is definitely a company that is invaluable, however no one really wants to buy it. What makes the matter even worse is that the company executives themselves are not entirely sure they want to sell. Company top brass made it known that they would prefer to remain independent and even co-founder/director Jack Dorsey said Twitter would “consider the right options” when asked about a possible sale.

Possible purchasers.


Normally Google/Alphabet would seem like an easy pitch if twitter was interested in selling but this is certainly not so. Google is not that focused on social and this is clear in its current business moves. They have made business moves towards producing tangible assets: Chromebook, Self-driving car, space orbit technologies. This is a complete U-Turn from when they acquired Youtube and tried to enter the social media realm with Google+.

Google is not a great candidate for a Twitter acquisition. As google has very little technical expertise in the social realm. In addition their bigger heads do not support a possible twitter acquisition.


Would facebook actually try to acquire twitter?

Facebook does understand social media and they have been quite successful at it. Facebook would be able to integrate its systems to leverage the full capabilities of twitter. However there is a big problem with that. Twitter is a major competitor to facebook and even though they compete in a different way there is no added market reach that they would acquire as a result.

In addition Facebook already provides features that are similar to twitter and some that they don’t. Ultimately Facebook would not be a likely candidate for a twitter purchase.

Mainstream Media(MSM)

The problem with MSM organizations is that they do not understand social media. They still operate in an old antiquated way. It is clear that they are still unaware of how to leverage their current social media presence. They still appear like large structured conglomerates (which they are) and have a hard time integrating with the more fluid presence of social media.

Private Investors

This group is a wide one. However if the case of Myspace is any indication of what could happen then certainly they would be cautious. Out of all the options this is probably the best. They would be able to bring fresh new ideas to the organization and revitalize it. A private investor would have to have the necessary capital ($18 Billion), the experience as well as the youth to undertake this venture.