HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) Launches HP ZBook Mobile Workstations

HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) Launches HP ZBook Mobile Workstations

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HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) disclosed the launch of its most secure, as well as, manageable HP ZBook Mobile Workstations. The company indicated that the new solutions-packed gadget included 3D graphics, display technology and server-grade processing power. All this will come in a compact and mobile design. The company believes that the new device would help designers, explorers, artists, filmmakers and other visionary thinkers.

HP revealed that its ZBook Mobile Workstations will have preloaded HP Remote Graphics software for any remote collaboration, HP Velocity for fast and reliable network performance and Performance Advisor for maximum performance. The device was ISV certified and military standards-tested.

The objective is to reinvent security for its fourth generation device by offering a number of exclusive security features. That included HP Sure Start Gen3, which is the first self-healing PC BIOS with complete encryption, malware and data protection, strong authentication, threat detection and response besides identity assurance.

VP of product management for Z Workstations, Josh Peterson, commented, “As a longtime partner to the creative industry, Z Workstations have earned their position as the ultimate innovative and reliable technology for creators. Our fourth generation ZBook Mobile Workstations are the most secure and manageable mobile workstations1 in the industry. By protecting the intellectual property of digital creators everywhere, HP enables the creative industry to focus on bringing their best work to-life without the worry of IP theft or breaches.”

HP indicated that it is also developing dynamic, high performing gadget allowing customers to pursue their objective and achieve their goals without sacrificing style and flexibility.

On Thursday, HP closed with a gain of 0.76 percent.