Swiss Retail Trade Turnover Rises Sharpest Since June 2014

Swiss Retail Trade Turnover Rises Sharpest Since June 2014


Swiss retail trade turnover increased 1.8 percent in March in nominal terms compared to the year-ago month. This could mean that this is the highest growth after June 2014. On a seasonally adjusted basis, nominal turnover grew 0.6 percent from the preceding month.

Federal Statistical Office (FSO) said that real turnover rose 2.1 percent in March after adjusting for sales days and holidays over the preceding year. The official release, which indicated the real growth takes inflation into consideration, pointed out that the real, seasonally adjusted retail trade turnover grew 0.7 percent compared to February.

The statement indicated that Adjusted for sales days and holidays, the retail sector excluding service stations showed a 1.5% increase in nominal turnover in March 2017 compared with March 2016 (in real terms +2.1%).

The press released suggested that retail sales of food, drinks and tobacco grew 1.0 percent in nominal turnover and 0.8 percent in real terms +0.8%) while the non-food sector witnessed nominal plus of 2.3% and 4.1 percent in real terms +4.1%.