Bitcoin and Graphics Card… Inter Related? (NASDAQ: NVDA)


Bitcoin and Graphics Card… Inter Related? (NASDAQ: NVDA)

Despite the fact that Bitcoin crashed yesterday, the booming age of crypto currency in general has sent the prices of graphic cards soaring. The reason for this is simple; the cards are popular because they allow for the process of mining crypto coins far easier.

Keen miners, therefore, are taking turns to buy new graphic cards in large quantities and placing them across computers to make sure it boasts their efforts to produce more coins. As a result, opportunities for graphic card sellers and earnings as well have risen with the rise of crypto currency.

Moreover, it is reported that people are buying so many graphic cards that it off sets their daily limited of buying graphics cards a day. According to Jarred Walton, who writes for PC Gamer, right now is the worst time for any one to upgrade their graphic cards because the prices are high. Sadly though, graphic cards are the most important gaming component and therefore, gamers cannot do much but spend on graphic cards at the end of it all.

It is also reported that graphic cards are selling more than their actual price. Many reporters from those who cover PC and computer have said that the graphic cards have seen not just an increase in their value but also the fact that these graphic cards are being sold for more than they actually are. This, in result, has benefited the manufacturer to a great extent. Cards such as those by Nvidia and others are continuously being sold for higher prices at smaller stores and auction prices as well. Therefore, for those who were thinking of buying a card, it is a better idea to not go for it if you can stay away from it because prices are high.

Clearly, Nvidia NVID: (%) wants its gamers to be happy and that’s what it said in a statement released on Tuesday. Therefore, Nvidia has made an effort to limit the amount of cards that a user can buy daily.  Other retailers have also followed Nvidia’s footsteps, limiting people to buy one graphic card at a time. Who knew, the crypto currency fever could send the prices and revenues for graphic cards so high!


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