Is BitCoin crash near? Four things to expect when that happens

Four things to do when BitCoin crashes?


4 Things To Expect When The Bitcoin Crashes!

There are speculations that the famous crypto currency Bitcoin is going to crash soon. The bubble is going to burst, they say, and it could mean bad or good news for some and others.

The bitcoin recently stumbled to new lows at $10,287, falling below $11,000. People who brought bitcoin in the early years at $687 or even less have benefited from the ridiculously high values of the coin but recently, the coin has fallen to new lows. There are HIGH speculations that the bitcoin bubble is finally going to burst and it wont be pretty for those who have brought it in high gains. Having said that, the bitcoin is also speculated to rise to $25,000 by the end of this year so even if the bubble does burst, it may set new grounds for even higher gains for the crypto currency.

If we are to believe that the bitcoin bubble will burst, it won’t necessarily mean all losses for every one. The good news is that you might be in for some good news even if the bitcoin falls down finally. If the bubble does burst, here are 4 things to expect:

More Hoarding For The Future

Many people will still buy bitcoin even after it falls to new lows because they are going to plan for the future. While some say this might be the end of the crypto coin, there are speculations for newer highs by the end of this year. Based on speculation, a lot of people will rush to get the coin after its bubble pops.

System Crashes

Many people will also rush to sell the currency before it crashes as they are now which will lead to system crashes and more frenzy. It is going to be a definite trend, say some, who speculate the sellers to sell more and more of it as they go and approach the bubble burst deadline.

Lower Gains For Some

Some people may or may not buy or sell crypto coin bitcoin even after it falls or its bubble burst so there might be lower gains for some because bitcoin won’t immediately be erased from the market. These people may agree to sell at a later point in time but not necessarily now or too late, which may result in lower gains.

Other Currencies Rising

If bitcoin is the only currency to face a blow due to the bubble burst, then we can say that there will be a rise of other crypto coins such as Neo, Tron and others as people will hoard on to these. Those who already have invested in these will benefit from it greatly. Higher gains for other currency holders is another trend expected from the 2018 bitcoin bubble burst.

Bitcoin has already severely helped and damaged others and its bubble burst could result in more damages. If you are interested in bitcoin, have invested in it or want to, here are 4 trends you can expect if the bitcoin bubble bursts.