New EU Laws Cause Facebook To Revamp its Privacy Settings


New EU Laws Cause Facebook To Revamp its Privacy Settings

As a result of new stringent data protection rules in the EU, Facebook is revamping its privacy settings. On Sunday, the tech giant announced that it has published its privacy principles for the first time since its inception. The privacy controls tell how Facebook handles customers’ information. In a blog post the chief privacy office at Facebook, Erin Egan said that Facebook takes user privacy very seriously. The company understands that everyone does not want to share everything with everyone.

On May25th,European Union will launch General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Many believe that the announcement made by Facebook is a sign that large tech companies are getting ready for this new Law. GDPR intends to increase an internet user’s right to be forgotten. It also aims to guarantee a person free and simple access to their individual data.

Facebook’s privacy principles guide users on numerous issues. Some of the issues include how to delete an old post, how to manage the data Facebook uses to show advertisement and what happens after users delete their Facebook account.  Moreover, with a customer base of more than 2 billion users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. In order to address privacy issues , the company also said that it will soon launch educational videos that will help users to understand how they can control their privacy settings more efficiently. Facebook has also moved all its privacy setting to 1 page only instead of multipage privacy settings.

In his blog post, Erin Egan also said that Facebook’s products go through harsh data security tests before being rolled out to the users. Adding further he said that Facebook’s privacy team regularly meets with legislators, privacy experts and regulators from around the world to get understanding of data policies and practices.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, while speaking in Belgium last week said that Facebook new changes will put it in line with EU’s GDPR. She assured that the company is striving to improve its privacy issues and for that it is investing heavily in protection tools.