Tom Brady Says Losing Sucks

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    New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, swaggered into the Bank Stadium with a stylish trench coat and cool shades. It looked like he was on his way from a movie audition. However On his way out of the Super Bowl LII, Tom Brady appeared less of a hero and more like a guy who needed a few drinks. Brady was walking down a hallway with his game pants on and a hoodie, his hair was soaked with sweat and his eyes were black smudged. The quarterback walked past Patricia, New England’s defensive coordinator who will now take up a new role as head coach of Detroit Lions, who grabbed Brady’s arm on the way. Speaking at the press conference after the game, Brady said that losing sucks.

    Philadelphia Eagles beat New England Patriots 41-33 in the game on Sunday. In his press conference, Brady said that winning and losing is part of the game but losing really sucks. He said that in order to be the world champions you have to perform well in these games. Tom Brady took the field 2:21 to play and a timeout with 2 minute warning in his pocket. Brady, who is also one of the best quarterbacks in the game, was expected to drive the Patriots to win. However, on the second snap, New England Patriots impassable wall finally collapsed. Philadelphia Eagle’s , Brandon Graham ran hard and used his left hand to bump the ball out of Brad’s grasp and into Derek Barnett’s arms. With only 9 seconds left in the game, Brady took the shotgun snap and heaved a ball high toward Gronkowski. The ball was fluttered around and Amendola reach it too late before it fell to the ground.


    After the press conference, Brady walked out and met Willie McGinest his former teammate. McGinest told Brady to cheer up as he played really well. Brady has been one of the best quarterbacks for the Patriots and he knows he cannot leave the team after Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo. Brady has said before also that he wants to continue playing for the Patriots until his mid-40s.