Market’s Volatility Calls for Attention to Global Forces


Market’s Volatility Calls for Attention to Global Forces

For majority of the investors and traders, Monday morning brought a shocking surprise because Dow fell about 1200 points marking the worst decline point in the history.

The whole week of volatility wiped away major paper profits along with whipsawing prices that reduced them into big losses in mere seconds. Such sudden changes cannot possibly be predicted by single market analysis software or market experts.

Some traders were worried over selling out or staying put while those who had observed the predictive technical indicators and trend forecasts of Vantage Point Software, were able to remain calm and make level-headed trading discussions which allowed them to take better decisions.

The recent volatile market led to a meltdown of markets all over the world in which the global markets ended up reacting to or influencing each other. The A.I technologies used by Vantage Point in order to apply the inter-market approach have allowed the traders to see how the other global market situation impacts their own market position.

Patented artificial intelligence algorithms have been developed by Vantage Point software. These assist in identifying the stocks and market drive that affect the target stock.

Over the last year and a half it has become essential for the traders to get all the profit they possibly can in order to get out of the bull trends. But Monday brought a rude awakening and stocks lost almost $1 trillion that wiped away years of hard work.  Securing your capital is as integral as increasing your wealth and Vantage Point could assist you with both.

The sell-off began in earlier February but the artificial intelligence forecasts by Vantage Point showed the weakening market situation on 30th of January. The report that shows the market flagging on January 30th is a sign that cannot be ignored and needs to be taken as a warning that market was already ready to get bearish. The way the market is getting volatile is a reminder that investors and traders of the stock market need to pay attention to the global forces as they play an important role in impacting your market situation.