Stock Market Gainers And Losers


Stock Market Gainers And Losers

The US stock market has been under some pressure as it faced losses. The Dow Jones suffered and fell to almost new lows while markets and other indexes fell as well.

The previous week was full of volatility as the stock market went up and down. The week ended on a low and people are wondering how the stock market will be this week.

Nonetheless, there were not all losses because while there were losers, there were a lot of gainers as well. The stock market has had some clear winners.


Tech giant Apple has again made the news for being one of the gainers this week. The company, AAPL:US traded at 156.41 with a +1.26 change. Positive news for Apple, as the change was measured to be 0.81%.

American Express Co was another company to benefit in the stock market this week. AXP:US was valued at 91.72, which is a 3.38 rise and a 3.83% change. American Express followed the leagues of Apple and was another company to show positive returns this week.

Boeing Co/The, BA:US was also on a high and so was Caterpillar INC, CAT:US, both which showed positive results. The BA:US was valued at 332.83, which was up by 3.17 and showed a 0.96% change. Moreover, Caterpillar valued at 149.21, showing a 3.22 increase and a 2.21% change.

Other companies to benefit this week were Cisco Systems Inc, CSCO: US, which was up by 1.96%, Chevron Corp, which was up by 1.07%, Walt Disney Co, which was up by 1.72% amongst others such as the likes of Home Depot Inc, Intel Corp, Goldman Sachs Group and General Electric Co.


Few companies suffered the blow this week and were on a low. Procter & Gamble, PG:US, showed a 0.30 decline, falling by 0.37 percent, whereas the United Technologies Corp, UTX:US, was low by 2.45, losing 1.92 percent. Walmart Inc, WMT:US was also amongst the losers, as it valued at 99.37, losing 0.65 and a change of 0.65 percent in its value. Finally, Exxon Mobil Corp, XOM:US, also followed the leagues of Walmart and others, as it dropped by 0.29, showing a change of 0.38 percent.