Dollar Falls, Asian Shares Rise Ahead Of Wall Street News


Dollar Falls, Asian Shares Rise Ahead Of Wall Street News

In latest news, the dollar has fallen while the Asian shares have risen ahead of the Wall Street news. The Wall Street advanced on Tuesday, sending positive signals in the Asian markets.

As the Asian markets advanced, state side indexes also reported a second day of gains after a week of losses. The markets, so far, seem to be doing well.

Amongst the gainers was the greater China market. However, trade remained relatively low in the Hong Kong area because of the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. There were positive signs exhibiting in many indexes, including the Hang Seng that increased by 1.54 percent.

On the other hand, the dollar reduced against the yen whereas the dollar index fell below its 90 handle. Moreover, the oil prices also changed a little during the last session.

This is some positive news for the markets, as they have managed to shun the losses that they gained in the last week and are now showing some positive signs. The Nikkei 225 index of Japan, however, was one index that reversed its early gains. The index closed at 0.65 lower or in terms of points, 137.94, as it settled at 21,224.68. The index declined as the dollar further fell against the Japanese yen.

There was also some news for the car automakers. For them, the sessions ended more or less mixed. Car giant Toyota slid 2.53 percent, closing in losses. Moreover, the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group also lost 1.46 percent by the end of the day.

While the carmakers showed some losses, other blue chips saw some gains. For instance, the Fanuc Manufacturing gained early however ended at a 0.69 percent lower value whereas, the Fast Retailing closed down at 1.11 percent.

Other indexes across Asia to report losses or gains were the Kospi, which increased by 0.41 percent, as it finished at 2395.19. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix increased by 3.98 and 4.3 percent.

While the automakers suffered, some Asian indexes rejoiced, shunning the losses that they gained in the last week.