Positivity And High Momentum For European Stocks


Positivity And High Momentum For European Stocks

The European stocks have risen as the global markets have also bounced back. The rise in the European stocks came after the news of the US inflation data. Yesterday, as investors awaited the news, the stocks were a little higher, ending their losses of the last week. However, today, the stocks are a lot better than yesterday, thanks to the better than expected results of the key economic data.

Pan-European Stoxx 600

Amongst the high risers in stocks was the pan-European Stoxx 600, which increased, while other sectors also showed some positive momentum. The European stocks, therefore, have finally bounced back, after gaining sharp losses in the last week.

The clear winner for today has been Airbus, whose shares increased by 9 percent after it posted better than expected earnings.

Other stocks and indexes

Other stocks and indexes to show positivity and momentum was the FTSE, which increased by 0.17 percent, the Dax, which also showed an increased and the Cac, which increased by 1.04 percent.

Last week, the stocks exhibited losses and investors seemed very worried. This week, the stocks were better and yesterday, investors were relying on the announcement of key economic data on inflation. After the results came out, there was a positivity seen in the European markets.

Dutch insurer Aegon

Other companies that show a rise was the Dutch insurer Aegon, which increased by 3.5 percent after the company posted a rise in earnings and showed better than expected earnings. Moreover, the Indivior also showed a 7 percent rise.

Standard Life Aberdeen

However, while there was some momentum, there were other companies that had to deal with some suffering. Take for example Nestle, which had its shares drop by 2.5 percent after less than expected earnings whereas Standard Life Aberdeen also displayed a 7.5 percent drop.

Inflation has caused a stir in the US and the markets have reacted. While some stocks and indexes were better off, others showed some decline. Some stocks also suffered but bounced back as well. The markets reacted sharply to the key US inflation data revealed by the US and markets have shown some sign of positivity after a week of losses last week.