CNBC Survey Reports Decline In Trump’s Approval Ratings


CNBC Survey Reports Decline In Trump’s Approval Ratings

According to the latest survey by CNBC, there is a decline in the approval ratings of the current President of United States, Donald Trump. The dip in the ratings comes, as Americans are opposing his stance on tariffs and there is little or no change in the tax cuts.

The decline in his ratings is quite noteworthy, as they have fallen from 42% to 39% in December. The decline in ratings comes as the President decided to go ahead with his imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminum, which hasn’t been received well by the public. It has also been revealed that 35% of the public was opposing the tariffs whereas, 29% was supporting them, a change that is quite evident.

However, on the contrary, the financial indicators of the economy reveal that there has been betterment in them and they are at their best in a long time. But Trump’s decision to go ahead with the tariffs has easily blown his ratings out of proportion. There is also no or little effect of the tax cuts, something that has again alarmed the masses and has not gained any support for Trump from the public.

There has also been an overall decline in Trump’s approval ratings, as they fell from 47% to 45% in December. However, it is still within a 1 point of his total average during his presidential tenure.

On the other hand, each and every economic indicator as of now, in a poll that surveyed 800 Americans, revealed that they are doing better and are at a post recession high. 50% of the Americans see the economy as excellent or good but there are now concerns of Trump’s ratings, as he has become a little unpopular because of his decision regarding tariffs and tax cuts.

Amongst the news of the economic indicators doing well, the stock market showed some signs of positivity and reported highs and major steeps in some of the important indexes. However, on the same hand, the dip in ratings has confirmed that one bad move by Trump will definitely have a negative impact on the Americans, who also favor him at the same time.