Jared Kushner’s Loans Under Scrutiny


Jared Kushner’s Loans Under Scrutiny

The White House is examining the loans that were loaned to Jared Kushner and their business in 2017. The White House is investigating that the loans, that totaled to over $500 million, which were given to the real estate business of Kushner, violated or breached any laws, rules and regulations.

According to the New York Times

In February, according to the New York Times, the Citigroup gave Kushner Cos along with one of its partners, a lump sum amount of $325 million as loans. The loan was lent out in Spring 2017 after the chief executive of the group met Kushner in White House. The amount that was given to Kushner and its company was huge and it has now raised concerns amongst groups as to whether this loan amount was legit or does it violate any rules and laws.

After the news about the money broke out, the democratic law makers requested the White House and Kushner Cos to give out documents after it was reported that in the last month, the Citigroup and Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm, gave that amount to Kushner.

According to David Apol

According to David Apol, general counsel and director of Office of Government Ethics, in a letter to the congressman, said that he is currently under the process of discussing the issue with White House to make sure that they have started the process of confirming any facts to ensure that the loan did not breach any law or regulation.

Moreover, he also added that the White House has confirmed and informed him that the process has already started, which means that the process of scrutinizing is already there and has begun.

When asked to comment on the matter, Abbe Lowell, Kushner’s lawyer, as well as the White House, did not respond to any comments or the request to make any comments.

It has been revealed that in February, Citigroup gave a lump sum amount of $325 million to Kushner and his company Kushner Cos and alongside that, they also lent another $184 million to them in November. The total of these amounts is a whopping $500 million and now, it is being ensured that the amount that was given to Kushner did not breach any laws.