Google New Chrome 66 Browser Is A Must Use For Chrome Fans


Google  New Chrome 66 Browser Is A Must Use For Chrome Fans

According to reports, Google has started the promotion of its latest Chrome 66 browser for Mac, Windows, iOS and Linux. The new and improved Chrome browser will being to roll out in the next couple of weeks. Chrome 66 browser will come with media auto play modifications, enhanced security features and an option to export passwords. The most predominant feature of the new Chrome browser is that auto-play of content will be turned off by default. Also, Google has been researching on ways to offer better control to users over audio that is being played in Chrome browser. Last year, one of Google’s software engineer’s said that unexpected media playback is one of the biggest concerns of Chrome users. Not only does it consumes unnecessary data but it also creates unsolicited noise while surfing. To address this problem, Google added the option to disable sound in its Chrome 64 browser back in January this year. Users could then block sound of specific websites by right clicking on a tab and checking the Mute Site option.

Chrome 66 browser

In the new Chrome 66 browser, users will also get the option to export passwords. iOS and Android users can see this feature by clicking on the overflow icon in passwords menu  . Chrome will then ask the user to make verification of identity via facial recognition, finger print scan or passcodes. From a developer’s point of view, the new browser has a rendering framework that modernizes the display of image bitmap objects by alleviating memory doubling. Not to forget here that Chrome 66 also incorporates a minute percentage provision of Site Isolation. According to Google, security of Chrome is enhanced as a result of Site Isolation. It also reduces the threat posed by side channel outbreak practices including Spectre or Meltdown.

New Chrome 66 browser

Reports also reveal that in the new Chrome 66 browser, the Chrome Home button bar has been revamped and substituted with Chrome Home Duplex button. Users will also have the option to open a new tab by sliding the new bottom toolbar.

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