Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses Project Shuts Down


Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses Project Shuts Down

Technology giant, Intel, is closing an entire division dedicated to the manufacturing of smart glasses. Launched back in 2013, the NDG or New Devices Group division will be closed in the coming months. As a result of the closure of this division, employees are likely to lose their jobs. As per reports, currently hundreds of people work at the Intel NDG division. Just a couple of months ago Intel revealed that it was in process of launching its very own smart glasses called Vaunt. People who have seen the smart glasses said that these glasses were far better than Google’s smart glasses.

Intel’s smart glasses

Intel’s smart glasses were well designed and looked like normal glasses. Intel’s decision to abandon the manufacturing of smart glasses signals to the fact that the market for smart glasses is currently nonexistent. Industry experts believe that the market is currently not ready for such a technology and it may take years for the people to accept these glasses. In an official statement, the company said that it aims to continuously work on latest technology and give people new experiences. Adding further, the statement said that not all new technology materializes into final products that the market might accept. The Vaunt project indicates that Intel wants to provide new experiences to its customers.


Google was another company that experimented with bringing smart glasses to the market. Google glasses came with a high price tag, were futuristic but the device eventually failed. People didn’t accept the glasses and complained that they were uneasy to use. Nonetheless, Google didn’t completely abandon its Google glasses project and readjusted its business model to cater to the enterprise market. Last year, Google rebranded its smart glasses project to Glass Enterprise. It completely redesigned the glasses and targeted the factory workers, engineers and doctors with the new design.


Intel, on the other hand, has decided to quit the project and it seems that in the coming years it will not enter into the smart glasses market. The company said that it was a tough decision to quit the project but it had to do it eventually.