Berkshire Hathaway Got 75 Million Worth Of Apple’s Shares In 1st Quarter


Berkshire Hathaway Got 75 Million Worth Of Apple’s Shares In 1st Quarter

Good news for Apple as reports reveal that Berkshire Hathaway, which belongs to the famous investment mogul Warren Buffet, purchased 75 million shares in the company during the 1st quarter. When it comes to investment, Warren Buffet is a name that nobody can forget and it is true that if his company brought such massive shares in Apple, it is evidence enough that the company is doing really well.

Berkshire Hathaway has always been hopeful about Apple as it currently owns 165.3 million shares in the company. The latest 75 million shares are further addition to its currently existing stock.

It was previously being reported that Wall Street had its reservations with tech giant Apple before it posted its quarterly earnings but it is clear and evident that Warren Buffet was hopeful about the company even then. Warren Buffet decided to purchase 75 million shares in the company, which is a huge amount.

Buffet has always had good things to say about Apple. When speaking about the company, he said that the company is unbelievable. Moreover, he also said that if you look at the company, it probably earns nearly twice as much as the 2nd most profitable firm in the US.

Buffet also revealed that his decision to buy shares in Apple comes just before the annual shareholders meeting of the company in Omaha. Over there, 40,000 shareholders arrived on the weekend. The upcoming report by Berkshire Hathaway will reveal information on the company’s 10 biggest holdings. Moreover, details about the company would reveal exactly what its interests are and it will also show the customers what its interests seem to be.

It is evident that Berkshire Hathaway has a solid interest in tech giant Apple and it’s quarterly reports will further show how much interest it has in the company. Apple has come under scrutiny for more than one reason but it seems that when it comes to impressing investors, Apple can seem to successfully handle it and never miss out on an opportunity to wow them.