Ground Beef With Plastic Contamination Recalled From Kroger And Other Retailers


Ground Beef With Plastic Contamination Recalled From Kroger And Other Retailers

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, it was confirmed that a food processer based in North Carolina has recalled 17.7 tons of ground beef. The food processor recalled the ground beef after reports that it was contaminated with plastic bits. Some of this ground beef was also purchased by Kroger stores.

On late Wednesday evening, the USDA’s food inspection service announced that JBS is recalling nearly 34,464 pounds of beef for possible contamination with plastic pieces. This ground beef was processed at JBS USA’s Lenoir factory. Adding further, the USDA said that the beef has been recalled as customers have complained that they have discovered a blue hard plastic like pieces in the product. Moreover, the USDA has also said that right now it is too early to comment whether the consumed beef caused any harm to the customers. The beef was packaged and shipped on 22nd March 2018. The ground beef was supplied to the company’s distribution centers in Indiana and Virginia and then transported to famous retailers such as Kroger stores in Indiana, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

The beef was also shipped to other retailers such as Jay C Stores and Food 4 Less. While commenting on this issue, the USDA said that right now customers might have packages of ground beef in their refrigerators. Adding further, the USDA said that all customers who have bought this ground beef should throw it right away or return the product to the place of purchase. Kroger’srepresentative, Kristal Howard said that the retailer does not stock any more ground beef and confirmed that the product has been removed from shelf. Adding further, Howard said that customers should be aware of this issue and check their freezers. She said that if any customers still has this variety of ground beef then they should throw it right away.

She also said that Kroger’s’ stores that are located in eastern West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina might possibly have received some affected products. Howard said that Jay C Stores, Food 4 Less and Kroger Indiana stores only received a limited amount of shipments.