High Records and Statistics For YouTube With 1.8 Billion Logged in Viewers


High Records and Statistics For YouTube With 1.8 Billion Logged in Viewers

It seems like a lot of people are using YouTube and the statistics don’t seem to die. New reports reveal that YouTube has 1.8 billion logged in viewers every month and trust us, that is a huge number. People turn to YouTube for pretty much anything they want; kids for cartoons, women for fashion, men for funny videos. You can pretty much find every thing on YouTube; from cartoons to funny videos, talk shows, documentaries… You name it!

Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube revealed that there are 1.8 billion registered users that watch videos on the platform every month. These are those legit customers who have account on YouTube and this statistic does not include those who view videos without accounts. This is a huge milestone for the company and the CEO announced it at the Brandcast presentation of YouTube. The statistics were revealed to advertisers and some very other successful names in the industry.

Some of the popular videos for the month remained Beyonce at Coachella, with 41 million live streams, while famous song Despacito passed 5 billion views during the last month. In mid 2017, YouTube announced that it had 1.5 billion views and that number has successfully increased by the next year.

However, it goes without saying that this does not mean that YouTube remains without problems. A lot of people question YouTube for people thing that it allows kids to successfully and easily watch inappropriate videos. Moreover, some also say that it is a platform for conspiracy theories. It remains a fact that everything has its pros and cons and YouTube is no exception.

According to the CEO, YouTube is an open platform and anybody can access anything they want. This does have its cons but there are so many pros of it as well.  The CEO has also promised to announce new options designated for kids only such as the YouTube Kids. On the other hand, she also promised to hire 10,000 moderators for the platform to make sure everything stays safe and normal.