Air France – KLM Might Shit Down Permanently


Air France – KLM Might Shit Down Permanently

According to the economic minister of France, the survival of countries own Air France seems to be in a worrisome position. The economic minister,Mr. Bruno Le Maire’s warning that the airline might finish comes amid staff pay dispute. The workers of this airline are currently involved in another round of industrial protest. Currently the France owns nearly 14.3 percent stake in Air France.

Chief Executive Officer of Air France

Despite this, the economic minister has said that it will not be possible to bail out the national carrier. Meanwhile, earlier on Friday, the Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Air France- KLM resigned over this crisis. Air France – KLM is a leading airlines in Europe and it caters to millions of customers per annum. However, the airline has been badly hit by the recent strikes. The airline staff is demanding a 5.1 percent increase in salary for 2018. Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron has launched labor reforms. These reforms have not been taken well by the workers.

According to reports, workers are also protesting at the government owned SNCF Railway Company. While speaking to a French news channel, Mr. Le Maire said that everyone is equally responsible in this unjust pay rise protest. Adding further, he said that all pilots, ground staff and Crew should be blamed for their unjustified demands. Mr. Le Maire also said that the existence of this airline is now in jeopardy. He also confirmed that the government will not pay the airline’s debt. Maire also warned that the parent company of KLM will be forced to vanish if it does not take actions to be competitive.

Monday Air France has said

Meanwhile, on Monday Air France has said that it will continue 99 percent of all long haul flights. Also, the company said that it will maintain nearly 80 percent of the medium-haul services as well. The CEO of Air France – KLM, Jean – MarchJanaillac, resigned on Friday as the staff vetoed to take a final pay offer from him. His proposal for pay rise was good and it increase the wages by 7 percent in the next 4 years. In the first quarter of 2018, the airline posted a loss of 269 million Euros.