A Jetblue Flight’s Pilot Window Cracks In Mid-Air, Makes Emergency Landing


A Jetblue Flight’s Pilot Window Cracks In Mid-Air, Makes Emergency Landing

According WFTS, the Tampa Bay affiliate of ABC News, it was revealed that a JetBlue flight had to make an emergency stop after the plane’s windshield cracked in midair. The flight which was on route from Puerto Rico to Florida made the emergency stop at Fort Lauderdale. Flight 1052 left Puerto Rico, San Juan on Sunday and made the pit stop at 1 PM at Fort Lauderdale airport.

According to Tampa Bay Times, no passenger was hurt or injured. Once the plane stopped, the passengers were shifted to another plane to reach their destination. Michael Paluska, reporter of WFTS, was travelling on the same plane. Once the plane landed he took pictures of the damaged windscreen and posted them on twitter. The cracks were only on the exterior of the pilot window. Meanwhile, after the incident JetBlue released an official statement. The company said that everything was fine and the pilot had to make an emergency landing because they have to follow precautionary measures. The company also confirmed that the window was only cracked from the outside and no damage was caused to the pilots.

Earlier today, CNN reported that in the past couple of weeks this is the third incident involved a cracked plane window. The last two accidents were on Southwest Airlines. In the Southwest Airlines incident a passenger was also killed. On Wednesday, Southwest Airlines flight had to make a pit stop in Cleveland as a passenger’s window cracked in midair. None of the passengers were hurt.

Passenger safety is the most important thing when it comes to commercial airlines. A cracked windshield not only jeopardizes the safety of passengers but also damaged the credibility of the airline. Just last week a Southwest Airline hit a truck while it was getting ready to land. Airline companies should also make sure that they regularly do maintenance checks of their planes. Once a bad incident happens it damages the credibility of that airline. All incidents are avoidable if they are treated with special care.