What analyst predict for Lakeland Industries NASDAQ:LAKE?


What analyst predict for Lakeland Industries NASDAQ:LAKE?

Lakeland Industries NASDAQ:LAKE headquartered in Ronkonkoma, New York, United States is reporting their earnings on 09/10/2018 before the bell. Street forecast for the quarter ending March 2018 is $0.22.

According to stock market daily analyst this is Lower then same time previous year. Lakeland Industries, reported EPS for the same quarter last year was $0.25.



About Lakeland Industries NASDAQ:LAKE

Lakeland Industries mission is to create and manufacture a wide variety of technologically advanced protective clothing that saves lives and protects workers both in private and public employment from fire, hazardous chemicals and diseases throughout the world.

Among leading companies designing and manufacturing protective garments for industry, municipalities, and the burgeoning healthcare field, Lakeland Industries’ products have established and maintained their global reputation for overall quality. Indeed, our products have long been recognized as the field’s gold standard for quality – that essential, expected and deserved constituent of any protective wear.

Quality is Factor Number One

Before quality comes quality assurance. Lakeland has an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Quality Management System, in addition to meeting ANSI to 101-1996 requirements. This latest enhancement of Lakeland’s global reputation for overall product quality — long recognized as the field’s gold standard — is additional assurance of superior product performance. Quality is the first factor considered by our designers in the product development process, the first tested by our technical staff, and the first attribute sought by the users of our products worldwide. Lakeland quality is the primary reason why workers wearing our garments put them on with confidence and wear them with peace of mind. Companies that supply their employees Lakeland products show they care. These companies, our valued customers, are experiencing less absenteeism due to injury, lower insurance rates and increased production.

Multiple Product Lines to Meet Your Needs

Lakeland manufactures a broad array of industrial protective clothing. The lineup includes limited-use and disposable clothing, chemical protective clothing, flame resistant clothing, woven and anti-static clothing, aluminized industrial heat protective clothing and hand and arm protective products.

We’re Saving by Growing

Lakeland is reaching out to world markets with its broadening array of protective products, and producing them at international sites as well as domestic ones. We became slightly Canadian with the establishment of Lakeland Protective Wear Inc. in Burlington, Ontario. A year later we opened a new factory in Celaya Mexico, a move that augmented our manufacturing network and tripled our production capacity. Recently, we entered China, again increasing our production while lowering costs.

At home, we’ve picked up speed, too. Lakeland has added 36,000 sq., ft. to its Decatur, Alabama facility enabling us to store more raw materials and finished goods. This cut our response time on orders. Customers demand quick delivery and they’re showing it with repeat and increased orders.

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